Supported by one of the world’s leading Insurance Underwriting companies with assets in excess of US$30 BILLIONS, our payment guarantee is in the form of a TRADE CREDIT INSURANCE POLICY issued by this Standard and Poor’s AAA rated company. This has the added benefit of being acceptable to banks world-wide as COLLATERAL with which you can finance your sale(s).

Our database of 12 million companies worldwide enables us to provide you with a swift and reliable response, allowing you the freedom and security to obtaining those much sought after orders.


This guaranteed form of payment can be provided for a single individual contract or as many as you like with the same or different customers. Just complete the online form here with details of your customer(s) that you wish to trade with at 180 days open account credit.


For those buyers who wish to register themselves for pre-approval so that you may enjoy the advantage of dealing with any of the manufacturers in our PRODUCTS DIRECTORY who have registered as willing to supply goods on the basis of 180 days, please register here.

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