You can now safely, and with total security, provide customers with 180 days OPEN ACCOUNT CREDIT for international trade…..and achieve extra sales!!!

At long last a real solution to achieving extra orders and utilising spare manufacturing capacity and moving excess stocks……and with the prospect of prompt payment too!! brings to the market, the opportunity for both buyers and sellers to achieve business that until now was not possible. Accredited buyers and sellers will be able to deal via the website with the facility of 180 days “open account credit” underwritten by to the seller. Satisfaction and security is afforded to the seller to whom payment is guaranteed.

Increased sales are virtually a guarantee…..Buyers don’t refuse 180 days credit, do they??

Buyers get six months open account credit, cheaper sea freight rates as well as cheaper marine cargo insurance. Add to this the online banking facility that can be provided.

This “truly unique and innovative” credit insurance scheme, which is exclusive to – is backed by a $30 billion AAA rated multinational insurance company. will operate from a website that will enable buyers and sellers to not only locate each other but trade securely also. Companies that wish to make use of the website's facilities will be accredited to provide peace of mind when dealing with unknown or higher risk customers. Once this achieved, the company will be free to make transactions of any kind with other companies on a truly global scale.

There are NO UPFRONT REGISTRATION FEES……..we let you achieve the sale first.

This facility is charged on a percentage of each transaction and not a “whole turnover” basis which has always been the case….until now!

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