There has never been such an opportunity that enables you to achieve extra sales as now brought to you by

Complete our online form here.

Approval usually takes just a few minutes to process.

Immediately upon approval you will automatically be sent an email to the email address you provided, advising you of your unique User Name and Passcode. These will allow you access to the many Buyers within your stipulated Product Group, who have pre-registered with and already been approved for 180 days open account credit with you.


Having now successfully registered you may now negotiate with prospective customers.

For pre-approved Buyers (Customers)

You may contact any of these companies and negotiate with them in the normal way.

The Buyer will inform you of their “in principle” credit limit amount that we have already agreed with them or you can check back with us for this information. This amount will generally be in USDollars (but any hard currency is acceptable). We are proud to introduce the good news that we can on many occasions substantially increase this amount. All you need to do is ask!! To do this you simply complete our online SPECIFIC REQUEST form, which you will find when you login. We recommend that you do not confirm an order until you receive our (prompt) confirmation.

Introducing your own Buyers

  • Of course we would encourage you to introduce Buyers that you have located yourself.
  • What you should do…….
    Negotiate your order as normal
    When you have concluded negotiations you should complete our online SPECIFIC REQUEST form. This will enable us to give you a prompt response. Alternatively, if preferred your Buyer can contact us directly, as they may find some information too confidential to pass via a prospective supplier.
  • Again we recommend that you do not fully confirm your order until you receive confirmation from that we have accepted the risk and therefore guarantee payment.


  • By now you have successfully obtained your order by offering 180 days open account credit…..well done!!

  • All we need now is for you to complete the CONTRACT DETAILS form online e.g. shipment details (delivery dates), invoice amount and date etc and the other usual details that you would expect to supply.

  • Once we have these you are automatically emailed an “Amount due” payment demand together with our banking details. This is the amount that you should immediately pay to to enable us to accept the risk and therefore guarantee you payment.

  • The amount due is equivalent to 4% of the total invoice amount guaranteed.

    STEP 4 - CONGRATULATIONS …You are now guaranteed payment!

  • Your Trade Credit Insurance policy document together with a hard copy “paid” invoice will automatically be sent to you upon payment being received.

  • So if your Customer does not pay you…. we will. It’s as simple as that to!!

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